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About Kemp USA

ABOUT KEMP USA KEMP USA is a wholesaler and manufacturer of EMS and Lifeguard products. We started in NY but moved to Charlotte due to its proximity to our dealers and its strong shipping lanes. Due to the move we changed our name from KEMP to KEMP USA. With our new location dealers will get products quicker. We are known for in the EMS industry for our EMS Bag line which we private label for many larger companies around the USA. We also have quite a following with our CPR Masks along with our Head Immobilizers. In the Lifeguard industry we are known for our Spineboards as well as our Rescue Tubes and Ring Buoys. We do several tradeshows throughout the year where you can meet the staff and see our product line.



I grew up in Westchester County roughly 30 minutes from NYC. Went to College locally and and during College I worked for many different automotive repair centers. After taking a break from College and the automotive world I decided to work for my Dad's company in the swimming industry where I learned how valuable a customer can be. After several years there I decided that retail wasn't my passion and I wanted to deal with wholesale where I have fewer customers which means I can get to know everyone. Many people ask me how KEMP got started. The idea came after working for many different companies and realizing that many companies don't put enough stress on customer service. I wanted to build a company that focused on a small range of products and doing them right. The customer is all you have and without them you are lost.




Returns authorized by KEMP USA that are in original condition are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns will be accepted up to 10 business days after receipt of order. In the rare event you have discrepancies with your shipment please let us know within 3 business days. Customers are responsible for return shipping.



All orders under 150 lbs are generally shipped ground UPS. Orders over 150 lbs will be delivered by truck with the best rate carrier. On all truck load orders, the customer must inform us if they have a loading dock or need a liftgate. Failure to do so may result in extra fees that the customer will be held responsible for. We do not deliver to PO Boxes and accrued charges due to wrong address will be the responsibility of the customer.



Available upon request. Please email us for information.


International Orders

KEMP USA is a large exporter of EMS and Lifeguard Products. All international orders must be prepaid by wire transfer. We have dealers in 43 countries and on smaller orders it may make sense for you to buy from one of our larger stocking dealers in your country. You can email us for dealers in your area.