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Kemp USA is recognized in the EMS, Lifeguard, and Swimming industry for our exceptional customer service and high quality safety products. Our company began manufacturing 14 years ago, catering to dealers and distributors. Over that short time, guided improvements on our superior products have evolved and expanded the Kemp USA brand - thanks to you, our customer. By responding to your changing wants and needs, we’ve been able to offer only the best products that really work for you. The team here at Kemp USA is committed to our dealers and distributors, always striving to go above and beyond industry standards and expectations. At Kemp USA, we are always looking for ways to streamline order processing, fulfillment, and efficient shipping methods. We are EDI compliant and have deep discounted shipping rates with our carriers. We can also dropship your orders directly to your customer.

Over the years Kemp USA has held firm to its business model as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of high quality emergency goods and safety products. We realize that not everyone can or should be a “jack of all trades”. At Kemp USA we strive to go above and beyond on the part that we are good at; product development, manufacturing, and supplying the industry. We leave the selling and distribution to our approved dealers. Kemp USA does not compete in retail or B2C transactions, but our role, as we see it, is to support the backend of the industry with adequate stock availability and supply chain efficiency. If you would like to become an approved dealer, please contact us today.

Eddie H. Gulbenkian, III
Chief Executive Officer
Kemp USA



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